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Happy Hour
Tuesday and Thursdays
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Dinner Menu


La Parrilla Dinner Menu

(Updated July 31, 2020)



WINGS… chimichurri, tzatziki/pesto, parmesan/red hot blue. $12 – heavy lb.

SHRIMP PANZANELLA… croutons, olives, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, parmesan. $13

CHIMICHANGA SLIDERS… pulled pork, rice, black beans, queso Amarillo. $12

CHICHARRONES… boneless fried chicken, honey-chipotle, jalapeno blue cheese. $13

FRIED CALAMARI… hot peppers, limes, smoked jalapeno-garlic aioli. $14

MEZZE… olive tapenade, hummus, grilled pita. $13

CLAM CHOWDER… slams, sausage, potatoes, cream. $14

MUSSELS IN TEQUILA… tequila-flavored mussels, chipotle cream. $13

POTATAS BRAVAS… spicy roasted potatoes, smoked paprika – tomato aioli. $8


Soups & Salads

add chicken or shrimp $5

HOUSE SALAD… greens, cucumber, carrots, red wine tomato vinaigrette. $5/$7

CAESAR SALAD… romaine, croutons, LP Caesar dressing, olive oil, parmesan. $6/$9

WEDGE SALAD… ice berg wegde, bacon, blue cheese, roasted tomatoes, lemon vinaigrette. $6/$9

SOUP OF THE DAY… always made in house. $6.


Large Plates & Entrees

All entrees come with a small house salad or soup of the day

Gluten Free and Weight Watchers pastas are available. $2

RISOTTO… changes daily. Market price.

PENNE ALLA NORMA… roasted eggplant, red bell peppers, tomato, basil pesto, ricotta. $18

LINGUINI & SHRIMP… stewed tomatoes, chilis. $20

TORTELLINI ALLA VODKA… caramelized onions, tomato cream, parmesan. $18

BLACKENED SALMON… Israeli cous cous salad, romesco, toasted almonds. $19

SEAFOOD FRA DIAVOLO… clams, mussels, shrimp, tomatoes, chilis, creamy polenta. $18

FISH & CHIPS…  - Friday Only… fresh haddock, remoulade, fries. $17

CHORIZO… rice-brans, chimichurri, fried egg. $18

CHICKEN & SAUSAGE…hot peppers, sweet peppers, potatoes, white wine. $19

DELMONICO… 14 to 16 oz boneless ribeye, chimichurri, fries. $27.